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Inside Tewkesbury Abbey

5 Things to do in Tewkesbury

It is as though Tewkesbury is the town that stood still, with a beautifully preserved medieval layout and character even today. It is a thriving place yet is also in ways an open air museum. Tewkesbury is a delightful and we really think it is a “must see”. Tewkesbury is one of our favourite places […]

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Tewkesbury's Mill Bank.


Tewkesbury is a lovely town and well worth a visit if you are visiting Cooks Green Cottage. One of the things we love about the town is its history. The Battle of Tewkesbury was one of the pivotal battles of the War of the Roses and on this historic day 4 May 1471, the Lancastrians […]

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A History of Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury is a town rich in both architecture and history. The town actually started off as a resting place for travelers on the highway. A Benedictine monastery was setup in the 11th century. From then on, the town became synonymous with this monastery. Roman Fitz Hamon who built the abbey brought in stone for the […]

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