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Canada Geese in Gloucestershire

Birdwatching in Gloucestershire

Many visitors to Cooks Green Cottage love to relax and enjoy the peace of the countryside and what it has to offer. Popular with some visitors is birdwatching as it is an opportunity to observe some native and migrating bird species some of which are very unusual. There are local birdwatching groups that would be […]

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Tewkesbury Medieval Festival.

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Gloucestershire is steeped in history and Tewkesbury is well known as the site of the final battle in the Wars of the Roses between the houses of Lancaster and York. The battle was fierce and defining for the throne of England, which had been contested between the two factions for many years, despite the protagonists […]

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Gustav Holst statue in Cheltenham. His Birthpalce Museum is located in Cheltenham.

A History Lover’s Holiday in Gloucestershire

For anyone interested in history, there can be no better place to explore than Gloucestershire. Strategically located, the county was a place where battles were won and lost. Gloucestershire was a thriving county for trading traversed by merchants from all over the British Isles. The prosperity and growth of the Gloucestershire county towns was due […]

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Rainy Days: Dr Foster (who went to Gloucester!)

Rainy Days in Gloucestershire

Naturally enough, whenever anyone decides to take a trip away somewhere they consider the weather. If you are visiting England especially during the winter months you can expect to experience some rainy weather. Our cosy holiday cottage will surround you with charm and warmth and Gloucestershire will provide you with an abundance of local attractions […]

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Booking a Holiday Cottage - Gloucestershire, near Cotswolds

What You Should Know About Booking a Holiday Cottage

Many people have not experienced booking a holiday cottage before and may not know how to go about things or even whether it would be a suitable option for them. In this article, we put our experience to good use to provide a guide for first time visitors to booking a holiday cottage. Once this […]

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Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham, Cotswolds

Taking the Waters of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds

After the excesses of feasting and over indulgence at Christmas and New Year, most of us are frantically making resolutions to lose a few pounds, take up exercise, or live more healthily. Of course looking back to the heyday of the famous spa towns of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, “taking the waters” was a popular […]

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Fun on Gloucester Ski Slope

After the Festive Season

After the festive season, things can sometimes seem a little bit grim as life gets back to normal and the Christmas decorations are put away for another year. It is still a very long time to the next holidays and the weather tends to be fairly drab. A lot of families are booking an affordable […]

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Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

Gloucestershire Affordable Break Aways

It is the end of another year, there has been another austerity budget, and things are tight. Perhaps you have not had the opportunity to have a holiday this year and really could do with a change of scene. Many of us have heard of the “staycation” where you stay in your home town and […]

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Rollright Stones

Legend of the Rollright Stones

With the winter nights drawing in, we thought it was high time we introduced our readers to some of the legends about fairies and little people associated with Gloucestershire. What could be better than sitting around our wonderful fireside in Cooks Green Holiday Cottage learning some of the stories that have been handed down by […]

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Cheltenham's Christmas Market

Christmas in Gloucestershire

Imagine sitting by a real fire on Christmas Eve with a glass of mulled wine, and a Christmas tree aglow with twinkling fairy lights. While the dog is curled up blissfully on the hearth and the children are drinking bedtime hot chocolate, it is time to relax as you watch the flames and listen to […]

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