Newly insulated roof

According to the Energy Saving Trust, more than 40% of all the heat lost in an average home is through the loft space and walls, and up to 25% heat loss is through the loft/roof space. Also, more than half the homes in the UK have insufficient levels of insulation.
Last week Su insulated the roof of Cooks Green Cottage.
The loft already had a fully insulated floor and the previously existing roof insulation was what used to be considered normal amount. However, current regulations under the EEC programme state that a minimum 270mm of loft insulation is required. Su set out to comply with the standard and, having done so, also added thermal foil across the whole roof to provide an extra layer of insulation.
The bathroom of the cottage has its own roof, as this is the one-story part of the house, and only had minimal amount of insulation. However this is now fully insulated in the same way as the main roof.
So, now the whole semi-detached (both our side and the holiday cottage side) is completely insulated and whether it’s psychological or not it does already feel cosier in the house! Mmm happy warm winter!


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