Dog Friendly Cottage

Our Dogs, Bob and Pula in the fields behind our dog friendly cottage!UPDATE OCT 2016: Pets are still welcome under certain conditions, which can be discussed on application.

Our dog friendly cottage is ideal with a beautiful large secure garden that your pets can enjoy as well as an expanse of countryside for walks all around us.

So many families cannot bear to leave their pet cat or dog at home and the beauty of pet friendly cottages is they give peace of mind to dog/cat owners and means they do not have to go to the trouble and expense of finding kennels, plus they can be sure of their pet’s welfare at all times.

Cooks Green Cottage welcomes well-behaved pets so if the family four legged friends are also in need of a relaxing break then renting our holiday cottage meets the needs of every member of the family.

If you have a hamster or other caged pet, they are welcome but do take good advice on travelling them as some small pets do not travel well.

Most dogs we know enjoy a jaunt in the car so travelling is never a problem and if you do have a bad traveller, your vet will prescribe travel sickness tablets or mild sedative if you are travelling great distances.

We will advise you of local vet details if you need them and can tell you of all of the wonderful places you can explore with your dog(s).

Be sure to book our pet/dog friendly cottage to cater for your four legged friends.

Additional Terms and Conditions pertaining to cottage-care deposits for pets:

At £25 per dog/pet refundable within ten days from departure.

We very much welcome dogs (& pets) to Cooks Green Cottage and are aware that our gorgeous canine companions may need assistance with some simple cottage guidelines that need to be observed to ensure our next guests also have a pleasant stay. Therefore our furry friends do have to rely on their owner companions to make sure that all is left, as it should be on their behalf. Though rarely breached there are occasional exceptions when the common sense guidelines are not observed, causing part or all of the cottage-care deposits for pets to be retained to cover replacements and extra cleaning.

In case you are not sure what these entail we have put together a friendly reminder:

  • Owners should remove all traces (inside and out) from Cooks Green Cottage of pet occupation before final departure.
  • Owners must not allow pets on beds or furniture within the Cooks Green Cottage and pets must not be left alone in the Cottage for unreasonable lengths of time or if being left causes any distress or related howls or cries.

Thank you, Cooks Green Cottage – A pet and dog friendly Holiday Cottage.